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Phase III

Hmm, where can I even start off explaining about this utopian land of beauty and ecstasy? Well first of all, it's real hard to get to. You have to climb up and down stairs, go through the school or all the way around the building, and cross a huge field. It's even harder to live there. You have to pass 2 years of University successfully, that's right, this place is for the elite only! It's worth all the hard work too cause the pay off is phenomenal.

This place is any male stud's dream. It's packed with supermodels, all of who are single. It's quiet all the time. Trust me, it's good when the place is quiet, it's less heat and not too much spam around. They rarely throw parties, however when they do, they turn out pumpin' hard! (not as hard as ours of course) Girls, booze, and even some drugs. I guess that's what happens when you study so hard, you're brain gets real fried and you unleash a sudden urge to go crazy and party.

Don't get disappointed....

when you go there for a visit and see no supermodels or parties. I mean the parties are great but happen only once every blue moon and the girls, oh forget about it! They're so hot that they get special treatment from the University. They are no where to be seen. The University hires special protection for them, I mean these girls are so hot that they have to be on 24 hour protection from rapists and serial killers. They are also kept "hush, hush" as in you will never be able to find one by name, phone number, etc. since they're all put under a special protection concealing their real information from the outside world (except modelling agencies that is). Anyways, good luck to you all and please contact us the minute you see or hear from any supermodel women from Phase III.

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