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We want to hear it from ya! Tell us how much you love our site, or how badly you want to kick our asses in. We want to hear everything you got to tell. You can e-mail us at d3@beer.com with any comments or suggestions about anything. Tell us whatever is on your mind. You either love us, or hate us, or you can be... you know, whatever. Let us know, we're not arrogant bastards either (well Timo Maas is), so we'll respond to all your mail.

     Thank You, the Boys of D3

If you would like to send us your pictures, letters, videotapes or kitchen utensils, feel free to ship them to us...
     1295 Military Trail, Unit D3
     Scarborough, ON, M1C 3A8

If you would like to send us an email individually, feel free to at the following addresses
    atomic. [ ato@beer.com ]
    Speedy [ speedyd3@beer.com ]
    Squiffy [ squiffy@beer.com ]
    Timo Maas [ timomaas@beer.com ]

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