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Mailing List

Keep up to date with the latest info about D3 and campus life by adding yourself to our mailing list. The mailing list will contain all sorts of shit like:
  • The latest happenin' stuff (at D3 and Scarborough)
  • New updates to the site
  • Hottest sites (interesting sites for all)
  • The weekly poll question (yes, you can voice your thoughts on our extremely serious and important polls)
  • A weekly murder section; learn who died this week in Scarborough.
  • Some other stuff that goes on mailing lists
  • Stupid quotes ... they're grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat
    "Traditionally, most of Australia's imports come from overseas."
    "The loss of life will be irreplaceable."

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If you feel you have some good (or shitty) ideas for the mailing list, you are more then welcome to have them. We just don't want them. Just kidding. Send us your thoughts to d3@beer.com

If you have any important news about happenin' stuff at UofT or Scarborough email us and we will place it in our mailin' list.

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