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Happenings Around Scarborough Campus:

     Erudition.com and our house (D3) won a few awards last week surprisingly. The first was from the Drama Society, for our horrible poem that we wrote/recited for everyone at the coffee house. The second one came from our election campaign and was presented to us from the Dons. We never got to say a speech for either award, so we would like to thank everyone for their support and sense of humor.

     We must apologize that we really haven't spent much time updating the page in the past two weeks. We have all been backlogged with a huge amount of annoying term assignments and we were all running for SVC Council as a collective. As for the elections, atomic, Cuban Scarface, Semantic, Howard, Dan, Squiffy and some of our other friends, who study way to often to write for us, all were elected into the 2000-2001 SVC Council. With their free condoms, lube and looking like alcoholics in their pamphlet, Cuban Scarface and atomic got the most rejections. Next year shall be interesting at the very least; everyone has some new ideas and improvements over the past councils and hopefully we can spice up rez life next year.

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