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One morning in early February the four of us were still awake, as usual, at 3am. We were joking about how they somehow managed to put four insomniacs in the same house. Avoiding schoolwork at all costs, we came up with the idea of creating a web page to keep us busy. Rez had been dead since earlier in the evening and with nothing to occupy us around rez we all agreed to start immediately. And so 'this' was born.

Our purpose is to hopefully create a medium for an exchange of ideas, beliefs, complaints, information and humor in an uncensored manor. In creating this medium we hope to bring together the Scarborough Campus, to establish a closer community and to hopefully bring some unity that it has definitely been lacking.

In the near future we hope to offer many features, including message forums, voting booths, personal profiles, chat room, graffiti walls, and whatever else we may come up with. Most of these services will be released over the next two weeks.

We would also like to encourage you to contact us with your comments, questions and any information or news that you think would be interesting to everyone. If you have any pictures that would look good for our online photo book, drop them off at D3 with your contact information, and we will promptly scan, post and return them to you.

Oh, if you are wondering what erudition actually means, here is the definition, we found it to fit rather well.
er·u·di·tion (ehr-yu-dih-shun) n. The act of instructing; the result of thorough instruction; the state of being erudite or learned; the acquisitions gained by extensive reading or study; particularly, learning in literature or criticism, as distinct from the sciences; scholarship.

We hope you will be informed, entertained and enlightened while visiting..       ..D3 Boys.

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