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This section will be used for posting various humorous and funky media, such as short videos, MP3s and whatever else I can find. I suggest you download the media first, then run it straight from your hard drive for optimum quality.

Japanese Show - Clip 1 (8.7 MB) Japanese Show - Clip 2 (6.8 MB) ****
Here are some messed up game shows from Japan. Somehow I doubt that these will ever show up in syndication in North America, but oh well.

Eric That Funky Puppet (3.1 MB) *****
For some reason this little video has some form of addictive nature. At first glance, its a semi-amusing video, but for some reason it has grown on all of us, and we deemed it worthy of 5 stars.

Trapped In Cyber Hell (686 Kb) ****
This catchy little tune is a remake of the intro to Gilligan's Island, so it can't be bad.

100 Grand (681 Kb) ****
This is an amusing call to a radio station. Gotta feel sorry for this hick.

Big Black Guy Named Ben (1.9 MB) ***
Ok, I don't want any flack for being some form of racist just cuz I put this up. It is not meant to be offensive, so don't be offended. Ok, now listen to the mp3.

Dots (29 Kb) ****
Just a funky illusion. Its small, so check it out.

Original Wassup (2.3 MB) ****
The original Wassup commercial that we performed for the talent show.

Superfriends Wassup (4.7 MB) ****
Remake of the original.

Optical Thing (22 Kb) ****
This is something I received in an email, just a little program that puts a messed up optical illusion on your screen. Usually these things don't work, bsut this one worked after looking at it for 20 seconds. If you have epilepsy you are hereby cautioned. (This file was scanned by Norton AntiVirus 2000.00.02, using all 47018 virus definitions available March 17th, 2000, and it detected no virii)

Alert (22 Kb) ****
This is another something I received in an email. Just run it, preferably with plenty of people watching you. (This file was scanned by Norton AntiVirus 2000.00.02, using all 47018 virus definitions available March 17th, 2000, and it detected no virii)

Cat Up For Adoption (4.1 MB) ****
This cat, named Pinky, is up for adoption. Rather amusing. Very little swearing, and when it does happen, he apologizes.

Tripping In The Rift (29 MB) ****
This is a very well done computer animation, making fun of a few things including Star Wars. There is some nudity (even if its cartoon nudity), swearing and sexual content. If you are easily offended, do not view this movie.

A Day Trip (8.1 MB) ***
This is a funny 30 second commercial, with some offensive language. But that is why its funny, the music is by the Outhere Brothers, the same people who brought you such memorable classics as "Boom Boom Boom," and "Wiggle Wiggle."

Parachute (4.1 MB) ***
This video entitled "parachute," and is an exerpt from some unimportant television show. Its rather funny, yet painful to watch. (you will understand when you watch it.)

Beer Commercial (6.0 MB) **
Some beer commercial, im not sure why I put it up here, since i only found it semi-amusing, but you may find it more funny, shrug.

Kung Fu Fuck (3.4 MB) *****
This video entitled "Kung Fu Fuck," is damn well hilarious. There is some nudity (although it is not centered around it), so if you are not of the age of majority, please do not click. By clicking the link, you are agreeing that you are of legal age, yaddayaddayadda. Oh, and it could be found as offensive, so don't click if your easily offended, you know the speech.

How Not To Get Rid Of A Dead Whale (11 MB) ****
This is a news report from long ago entitled "How Not To Get Rid Of A Dead Whale." It is a hilarious and semi-disgusting display of a bunch of morons. wee.

Magnify (1.4 MB) ***
This commercial entitled "Magnify." It is a foriegn commercial from a far away land with a bad soundtrack, of english music.

Capped (200 Kb) ***
This sound clip entitled "Capped." If you are a diehard Seasame Street fan, then it may pain you to hear this, oh well.

Sex Show with Brika (CSCR Real Audio Stream)***
Our good friend from next door has her own sex show on the Scarborough Campus radio, CSCR 90.3 Cable FM . Uncensored, in your face discussions and talk about anything sexually orientated in nature. Live every Tuesday night from 8-9pm. Check it out folks, you might learn a thing or two! Oh, and there is a cool show following it from 9-10pm about newer punk. The email address for questions or concerns about the show is Brika@chickmail.com

DISCLAIMER: I don't know who made most of this media. If credit isn't given that means that I don't know who did. If you know who did, please email me and I will give them credit.

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