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  • Saturday, June 24. 2000 - 2:00pm: KEG PARTY, click here for all the details.

  • Monday, March 13. 2000 - 3:07pm: The photos of the whole "Jesus" incident are up in the photobook (if you have no clue as to what this is about, read the graffiti wall)

  • Tuesday, Feb 29. 2000 - 2:25am : For the first time in countless nights, all 4 of us hit the sack at a relatively early time. No all nighter tonight, ladies and gents! Squiffy remains up the longest, but only by about 10 minutes

  • Monday, Feb 28. 2000 - 8:46pm : The Message Forum is put online.

  • Monday, Feb 28. 2000 - 5:36pm : The Voting Booth is put online.

  • Sunday, Feb 27, 2000 - 6:04pm : We get our first piece of hate-mail posted on our Graffiti Board from a student working at the Underground newspaper. Basically, it informs us of the "fact" that people in rez don't care about the community, and is followed up with a baseless threat, saying that we will get kicked out of rez. We all throw a party. Somebody actually hates us! Later in the day we receive more hate-mail, all from Underground workers.

  • Sunday, Feb 27, 2000 - 2:13am : The Squiffy Cam is put online.

  • Saturday, Feb 26, 2000 - 4:13am : The Graffiti Wall is put online.

  • Thursday, Feb 24, 2000 : Talks with the Swedish Bikini Team begin about beginning a partnership. Actually, we are just bugging them to give us free stuff to give out to all of you. Wish us luck.

  • Tuesday, Feb 22, 2000 : The premier launch of the web site. The rest will be up very shortly. Once again another sleepless night.

  • Monday, Feb 14, 2000 : Looking for love in all the wrong places. Our campus spies were hard at work trying to get the supermodel broads from Phase III to be their Valentine. Outcome: Unsuccessful. Reason: The girls were nowhere to be seen. Could this only be a rumour? Stay tuned for the details.

  • Thursday, Feb 3, 2000 3am - 10am : We get the bright idea of the creation of this, and live without sleep yet another night.

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