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Who We Are

We are all first year students at the University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus, taking computer science.

Computer Science, eh? You're probably thinking that we're a bunch of geeks. Not really. Despite the fact that morethan 99% of the students in computer science technically are geeks, we seem to represent the less than 1%which happen to be "cool", at least that's what we believe (well Ato. accepts the fact that he's a geek.)

We all come from different parts of Ontario; Speedy is from Burlington, Timo Maas is from Hamilton, atomic is from Port Perry, Squiffy is from Stouffville,representing.

Average time we all finally go to sleep: 5am.
Average class time attended: 5 hours a week.
Average wake up time: 2pm.

Select from our profiles below to see more info about us:
    atomic.[ ato@beer.com ]
    Speedy[ speedyd3@beer.com ]
    Squiffy[ squiffy@beer.com ]
    Timo Maas[ timomaas@beer.com ]

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