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Located at block D, house 3 in Phase I of the residence of Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto, otherwise known as "The Projects." The closest store, falling just short of driving distance, and the only bar around is called the "Fossil 'N Haggis." What kind of name is that for a bar? (Find out How to Pick Up a Fossil Waitress.) However, this isolation from civilization does not stop us from having parties the size of raves. With Squiffy's huge library of MP3s and CDs to atomic's amps, Timo Maas's soundsystem, and Speedy's ability to decorate a shit looking place into a funky, disco shaggin' living room, within 24 hours. We'd say our parties here are kickin' as hard as any club downtown. Beer, liquor, some food, strobe lights, neon lights, black lights, leopard couches, fuzzy carpets, et cetera. That's what we wish we had in our living room. We can turn any ordinary night, however, into a huge-ass party in two shakes. Check out some of the pics below to see just how crazy it can get here. After all, we do have the highest GSNO rate on rez! (Girls Spending the Night Over)

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